How To Integrate Social Media Into Your Traditional Marketing Strategy

2016 is almost over and, at this point, it’s safe to say social media marketing is here to stay. If you’ve been putting off creating a social media strategy for your company – or outright avoiding it – you’ve come to the right place. Unlike what most people think, social media is not a solo act and it works best when paired with traditional marketing.

Traditional media still plays an important role in today’s world and you’ll still continue to see billboards and print ads every day. But with social media growing as quickly as it is, it is important to consider the different ways that you can integrate offline and online marketing into one comprehensive and effective marketing plan.

Traditional marketing is made up of four main steps to a purchase: Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action. How can you take those steps and apply them to your businesses social media accounts? Can you use your billboards on Facebook? How can your TV ad work with Twitter?

With social media’s (especially Facebook’s) extensive targeting options, it’s easier than ever to reach the audience most likely to be interested in your brand (awareness), build their relationship with your brand through lead generation and engagement (interest), keep your product or service at the top of their mind (desire) and ultimately make a sale (action). With all the major social media sites offering advertising options, it’s possible to recreate the purchase funnel on each of them or you can also choose the site which is most suited to your needs.


3 Step Social Media Adoption Plan: 

  1. Create an appropriate social media strategy.
  2. Audit your cutest marketing and add in the needed social media ingredients.
  3. Add social media platforms when needed.


This does not need to result in an awkward forced marketing collision. There are seamless and simple ways to introduce this new adoption plan into your already existing marketing plan.

Here are 5 simple ways to have a multi-channel campaign by integrating your social media into your traditional marketing plan:


  1. SOCIAL DRIVER: Use print ads, radio, and other traditional marketing platforms to promote your social media channels. While you should always include your social platform icons in your marketing material, take it one step further. Tell your audience why they should check out your social media. Do you offer exclusive offers, helpful tips or behind the scenes peeks? People are more likely to check out your content when they are given a reason to look further other than the fact that they happen to like your company.
  2. CONTINUE THE STORY: Use traditional media (such as print, radio, billboards, and television) to tease a story, then continue it online. Maybe you are teasing a new web series you are offering or a blog posts with additional resources – whatever it is, intrigue your audience to want to find out more online.
  3. PROMOTE FEEDBACK: Encourage your audience to tweet you their feedback on your content and spread that information on your traditional media platform. Add in a daily to weekly comment of the day. Not only does this promote positivity to your brand, it also gives you a chance to publicly thank your audience.
  4. GIVEAWAYS: Design a contest on your social media channels. It could be anything. How about a photo or video contest? Maybe tell a good joke or why you love the company? Promote the contest on your traditional and social media for a certain length of time and then announce the winner in a TV spot, print ad, or website.

5. TEST: Have a new product? Service? Campaign Idea? Tap into your social media accounts to test it out. Need to do market research? Study your Facebook followers’ habits      and interests. Want to gauge how well you’re handling customer service? A quick glance at Twitter replies and mentions will give you a good idea. Have a product or service you want to introduce or reintroduce? Instagram influencers combine aspects of a celebrity endorsement and word-of-mouth marketing in one neat package. Promote it online and offline, and gather the feedback from your audience on both platforms.


Regardless of the type of business or marketing goal, social media has a space for it. Make creating a social media strategy one of your goals for 2017 – or better yet – get started today!

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